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Trustee Ministry

A team committed to the best interest of the church.

The New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church’s Trustee Ministry is called to a solemn sense of responsibility. This ministry represents and acts in the overall best interest of the church and ensures that effective and efficient operations are developed, evaluated, and maintained.
The Trustee Ministry serves as the church’s asset management and financial accountability overseers and acts as faithful stewards of all the resources of God’s Church. They provide oversight and control of all the church’s buildings and grounds and are responsible for policies and procedures that govern the use of church buildings and equipment. The Trustee Ministry is responsible for the church’s financial operations, including budget development, accounts management, counting and deposits, asset management, and maintenance of financial records

The Trustees preserve prayerful and effective leadership in all matters. The code of ethics covenant ensures excellent working relationships, support for each other, the church’s vision, and Pastoral leadership. The ministry pledges to pray for each other and remain vigilant for matters related to assigned duties.

New Mt. Zion Lakeland maintains a contractual relationship with the church accountant to assist the Trustee Ministry in ensuring the integrity of the church’s financial operations. The accountant audits the church’s financial records, provides an annual certification of its finances, and provides advice and counsel on general accounting principles and other accounting matters, including segregation of duties.